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There are many services where users compose reviews. Several include Yelp, Amazon, and the Apple Store.

A review can be represented by:

  • <activity:verb> = Post
  • <activity:object-type> = Review
  • <thr:in-reply-to> = Item reviewed 

Proposed Language

The "review" object type represents a user's review of an object.

A review object MUST include a thr:in-reply-to element that identifies the object that is being reviewed.

A review MUST include the title of the object being reviewed as either <entry><title> or <entry><activity:object><title>


Property name Type Required Property Description JSON field Atom field RSS field
title string yes Title of the review  displayName atom:title rss:title 
name string no A human-readable name for the author    atom:name  
summary string no A short or truncated version of the review    atom:summary  
content string yes The complete content    atom:content rss:description 
owner object no The author of the review   
id string yes A unique ID representing the review
url URI yes Link to the review  
atom:link rel="alternate" rel:link 
published W3CDTF timestamp no When the review was published  
atom:published rss:pubDate 
updated W3CDTF timestamp no Last modification time updated atom:updated rss:lastBuildDate 
source object no If the review was resyndicated, source will contain the original representation of the review    atom:source  
related links array no Related links links atom:link rel="related"  




  • Amazon
  • Apple.com
  • Digg
  • Hulu implements <activity:verb>... post and <activity:object-type>... review in RSS 2.0 (from this feed linked from the profile). Example gist.
  • Qype
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Yelp


It is recommended to look to hReview for the attributes for review objects.


The Review object-type was included in a June 2009 draft of the Activity Streams base schema, but it is not included in a January 2010 draft.


  • How to handle rating scales? 1-5 scales vs 1 out of 100... etc
  • Different rating types -- vote up/vote down versus star rating versus percentage versus tomatoes, etc.


  • Rob Dolin

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