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Meetup 01-18-2010

Page history last edited by Monica Wilkinson 14 years, 4 months ago

On Tuesday January 18th, 2010 we had a combined ActivityStrea.ms and Microformats dinner.


Attendants (Please fill in your name):

Chris Messina, Martin Atkins, Tantek Celic, Ben Ward, Justin Kruger, AK2


Discussion Summary


Q: How to publish activities ?

Agreement from Chris and Monica on providers continuing to have an OpenSocial and ActivityStrea.ms POSTs end points. How do others feel about this ?


Q: How to go from Share url to an activity ?

Microformats recommended in pages by Tantek were

oEmbed, hMedia and hAudio he recommended against using META TAGS


Q: Should we push for JSON implementations ?

Instead of extending atom, what has happened in practice is that everyone wrote their own implementation of atom - says Martin

So why don't we use JSON ?


Monica asked whether Atom is more extensible. How would we extend JSON ?

Martin:  To extend create derived type and add properties


Problems: Not a generic was of extending types. Not a common set of attributes like with Atom. Ex: geo which can be used for multiple object types

Pros: Faster no mapping.  Easier for templating. Martin to share JSON  output


Q: Status vs Note ?

Statuses are not archived… (?)

Q: Do we have too many base tpes ?


Tantek, Martin agreed to remove types which do not have any additional properties from the base schema. Ex: Article and Blog Entry have the same exact properties. Same for Note and the new proposed object Status. 


Q: DO we need a base type collection

Answer no but recommendation to have PhotoAlbum renamed to MediaAlbum?

Ex: Flickr where you can have albums with both photos and videos

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