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A bookmark is a page on the internet owned by a user  A which points to another page written by a user B and may have annotations about that url which are personal to the user A.


Property name Type Required Property Description JSON field Atom field RSS field
title string no Title of the bookmark page
displayName atom:title  
summary string no Description of the page being bookmarked entered by the user who created the bookmark page not the page itself.
owner object no Owner of the bookmark page
userid for now but needs to be global atom:author  
id string yes Unique id for the object. Must be different than the activity id id atom:id  
published W3CDTF timestamp no Time the object was created published
updated W3CDTF timestamp no Last modification time updated atom:updated  
related links array yes Related links should only point to a single link which is the page being bookmarked
links atom:link rel="related"  


A bookmark is created using the Post verb.


What is the URI for the object? Most URIs will be in the form:



From Delicious:

FriendFeed - Bookmark Object

From Gnolia:

gnolia bookmark object


There is some confusion about creating bookmarks, and whether you should link to the bookmark activity entry OR the bookmark itself. 


  • Delicious
  • Gnolia
  • StumbleUpon 


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