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TypePad Activity Streams

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TypePad is a publisher of both Atom and JSON Activity Streams for all TypePad users. These provide a machine-readable representation of the network-wide activity shown on a user's profile page.


TypePad's activity streams use the following verbs:

  • favorite
  • follow
  • join
  • post
  • share

TypePad's activity streams use the following object types:

  • article
  • audio
  • blog
  • bookmark
  • comment
  • file
  • group
  • person
  • photo
  • video

With some


TypePad's JSON activity streams are currently static and do not support PubSubHubbub.

Example documents:


  • TypePad publishes only the base object properties, regardless of object type. No extension properties are published.


TypePad's Atom feeds all support PubSubHubbub, including the Activity Streams feeds.

Example feeds:


  • TypePad exclusively uses link rel="photo" for userpics. rel="avatar" is not included.
  • TypePad eliminated legacy support for activity:actor element in favor of the new, preferred atom:author representation.
  • TypePad's Atom activity streams are generated by an older codepath that has not been given as much love as the JSON output. Therefore there may be minor differences in fidelity between the formats.

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