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This page lists the conversions (or mappings) of popular feeds to the ActivityStreams format. These mappings are useful for both consumers or publishers. It is offered as a resource for the publishers of the listed feeds in the hopes that they might adopt the ActivityStreams format for native output.






  • Zynga
  • Playdom
  • Messenger Games 


  • LinkedIn
  • Xing
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Plaxo 




Minutes from mapping run-through 2010-04-18:

These are some test cases of feeds that have already been mapped to AS feeds. We reviewed and noted edge-cases and errors. The "vs" line indicates the two feeds used in the diff.

These are my takes on what we agreed, having only a day's worth of knowledge of the spec. If I've accidentally concluded the opposite of what you think we agreed, hopefully this will at least remind you what issue we discussed.


Twitter RSS

  • Twitter RSS vs. FeedProxy
  • Spec language: treating resyndication of activities, use the original ID as the ID (SHOULD or MUST?), add your own ID as an additional field (CAN or SHOULD?)
  • Pubdate: If both published and updated exist, use published
    • if only updated provided, use it as published
  • Retweet maps to a share action; change verb from post to share
  • @replies: are these posts of a status in reply to a person, or to another post? Either/both?
  • If activity being posted is a status, map it to status, but default should be a note if intent can't be determined
  • What about Mentions, which are not in reply to anything but include a reference to another user?


Flickr photos:

  • Atom feed vs. Feedproxy
  • is date taken something that should be applied to the photo object?
  • entry > link > rel=alt is missing from Flickr
  • enclosure: should this be attached to the entry (per Atom) or to the object (breaking degradation to Atom) or duplicated to both.
    • for flickr: photo enclosure will definitely be in the object, may be duplicated at the entry level if the emitter wants to degrade to atom
  • entry>content: content from feed
  • entry>summary: needs to be in the activity object (mapping error), should be the same as the description (whatever the mime-type is)
  • tags: attached to entry, namespace modified to AS namespace (doesn't use flickr's scheme)
  • atom:source out of scope for AS spec
  • entry>id: use the entry ID, or manufacture a new one (probably make a new one? ask the spec guys)


Flickr favorites

  • RSS vs. Feedproxy
  • same entry:content/summary/description issue as for photo mapping
  • item>description maps to entry>summary
  • item>media>description maps to entry>object>summary
  • tags: must be parsed and mapped to multiple categories


YouTube RSS

  • Profile RSS vs. FeedProxy
  • channel>link to author>uri
  • video replies handled by thr threading extension
    • there may be insufficient data to get the ID of the post it's in reply to
  • enclosure URL can be derived from the video name, but it's not explicitly listed
    • this is a general problem: information is partially present and can be derived
    • requires knowledge about URL prefixes etc. not present in feed


YouTube favorites:

  • Favorites RSS vs. FeedProxy
  • published should be when it's favorited, but this is missing. What to do?? Woe.
  • YouTube do not recommend using this feed anyway
  • Punting



  • RSS vs. Cliqset
  • Cliqset summary includes "X <verb>ed Y" which is not per-spec
  • Source of author information difficult, might have to be pulled from Generator or whole-feed link
  • Differentiating between blog posts with multiple photos, vs. photo post with text
  • Tags not present but easily mapped from category

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