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Meetup Notes 2010-06-07

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 12 years, 12 months ago

Six Apart, 6:30

Will Norris, Monica Keller, Mark Pascal, Mart Atkins, Chris Messina, Rob Dolin (remote)

  • initial discussion about new applications for ActivityStreams — i.e. GitHub + Gitorious
  • spiritually need to get to a 1.0 AtomActivity spec
    • will cull out a bunch of things into extensions to the 1.0 spec
    • working on Sunday with Norris, Messina, and Dolin to produce a 1.0 spec
    • someday may take 1.0 to IETF
    • will apply the OWF license to the 1.0 spec
    • one way to move forward is to start with upgrading existing Atom and RSS feeds — with the "implied activity model" — and then describe the necessary deltas necessary to express rich social activities across the web 
  • JSON will be priority moving forward
    • already have an implementation on Typepad
    • Need to work to get Rob's coworker more involved in AS work
    • we should have an early JSON spec in a week

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