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The verb update should be used to describe that a property on a resource has changed. For example: Monica updated her street address to 234 Amazing St.

To be useful in data synchronization, an update activity should describe the name of the property which has changed and provide the new value inside the object construct.

When new items are added to an existing list the verb to use is post and a target is expected to denote the destination.

Spec section: http://activitystrea.ms/head/activity-schema.html#update


  • "change" should be added as a property to the activity construct. Change is an object which has 2 proprties:




"change" : 
  {"name" : "street address"},
  {"value" : "234 Amazing St"


"change" : 
  {"name" : "street address"},
  {"value" : {"$ref": #object.streetAddress}


Other verbs to use for data synchronization are: post and delete


Facebook is researching using the update verb to send real-time notifications of changes to profile data.

Others ?


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